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Germany and Colonies plus WWI-WWII Postal History #165

Back from my second trip to Germany in as many months, I arrived to find the lots from my October trip already waiting for me.

For the first time in a long time I as able to purchase some great lots of colonies covers, the first group of which I've just posted, with some good China (four Petschili covers), Kiautschou, a number of African (DOA,DSWA,Morocco,DNG); this bunch is remarkable for the number of registered usages it contains -- many of which are properly franked to pay the rate (though not the large yachts, of course, since you'd have to add a zero or two for those).

I also have a number of Sudetenland provisionals with many colorful items, and a small but decent group of other WWII propaganda -- the cards are getting harder and harder to buy; I only saw one good collection in all of the auctions that took place while I was there (which was *all* of the biggest ones) and while I was the underbidder, I wasn't too disappointed to let it go; the price was too high.

Rounding out this week's lot are WWI feldposts from Germany and Austria, as well as interesting picture postcards from the war as well. Plus a few more Rohrposts (including French entires), WWII Volunteer feldposts (one Russian!), etc.

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Germany, Austria in WWI with Zeppelins and Rohrpost #164

This sale features: a group of Zeppelin photos and related ephemera including one rare, large format photo of the Schuette Lanz SL14 in its hangar, and the set of barometric charts from the first flight of the LZ39 in April 1915; the LZ15 only flew until Decmber of that year, when it was shot down at Rowno, Ukraine. There are also menus, advertising brochures, schedules. This particular collector wasn't picky about condition, so many of these are faulty, which means cheap. If you're interested.

More Rohrpost. Mostly Austria, with a couple of better pieces and a huge batch of inexpensive cards I've listed for those who collect the cancels. I don't look these up so there are bound to be some better ones.

WWI Postcards: there are a few really nice Patriotics: I especially like the one with the Gas mask and the one that says 'The War Will Be Won by Those with the Strongest Nerves', though I think they should have said 'The war will be won by those with the best supply lines. And massive numerical superiority.' The Central Powers inflicted a lot more casualties than they received, for all the good it did them.

For General Hindenburg collectors there are over 100 different cards of him.

And what else: Austrian 1930's mint/used semi-postals, I believe all well under 1/2 of Michel catalog. A series of 1920's original (mostly private) flight photos, including several interesting 1924 Zugspitze Segelflugzeug / Glider competition pictures. A few better Notgeld. Some Feldpost. 1920s Reichstag voting ballots with the NSDAP listed, headlined by Freiherr von Epp.

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Germany, Austria, Rohrpost, and Early Flight #163

The last group of WWI Aviation from the big lot earlier this year (but, in the time since my last mail sale, I bought another nice group, so more is in the wings.)

A nice group of 1938-9 Sudetenland 'Befreiungsstempel' or 'Liberation' cancels on cover, with many philatelic but also some genuine commercial usages (Bedarfspost).

Continuing on with the estate of a renowned Rohrpost collector (died far too young, in his 50's), I have another several dozen pneumatic mail items, mostly from Austria this time, but also including a couple of interesting Italian items -- one proof, one freak, and one rarer set cover. Also in the Austrian area are the rest of the imperfs and part perfs from last month's collection of such.

There are also Weimar Inflation meters with many high values, first and last days, and some illustrated. Interesting if that's your area. There are a number of inexpensive Zeppelin postal stationery's, some WWI feldpost, and a few other odds and ends to while away the time until my next big shipment comes in.

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Rohrpost, WWI, Zeppelins, and Austria #162

Hard to say what's best this month -- the Rohrpost, the early avation photographs / RPPCs, or the Austrian Errors-Freaks-Oddities (EFOs)...

I'm going to go with the Rohrpost (pneumatic mail) -- this is the first installment of an outstanding collection formed by a well-known US exhibitor over decades. Presently up are covers from Austria, Germany, Italy, Argentina, and Switzerland, with the best being from Germany, including not the usual Berlin's but: Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, and Munich -- more Muenchner Rohrpost than I've ever seen at once, prior to this.

I also emerged victorious with one man's lifetime accumulation of Austrian imperfs and errors, including some really scarce pieces containing catalog values into the four figures (Euros).

And, while my supply seems to be eternal, I am, in fact, nearing the end of the huge aviation collection purchased earlier this year, and am nearly halfway through the acompanying Zeppelin lot: there are original Real Photo postcards (published and private), photographs, and even a few feldpost + Zeppelin flown covers.

What else? Germany in Turkey during WWI Naval Feldpost. WWI patriotic postcards. A little Third Reich. And, as Monty Python would say: for something completely different -- this month we have a nice group of large Sachsen / Saxony maps circa 1750 by Mathaeus Seutter; all with very good impressions and any of which would be a handsome addition to a German philatelist's wall.

All in all we've started the fall season with a bang: nearly 700 items for your viewing pleasure.

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Germany in WWI and WWII #161

I've just posted a new group of items; quite interesting, I think, and more eclectic than last sale. There are WWII Stalingrad Feldpost covers from during the 'Kessel' period after the 6th Army was encircled, a few more WWII volunteer Feldposts, a whole group of 'Soviet Paradise' cards used at the Vienna exhibition; a Reinhard Heydrich original, private RPPC showing the hated SS leader in his coffin, and assorted other WWII army and propaganda-related items; however, in addition there are 50+ WWI German U-Boot / submarine RPPCs, 50+ Austrian Habsburg RPPCs of Karl and Zita (including private RPPCs), German SW Africa - DSWA correspondence from the Herero War, revenue documents from the Weimar to 3rd Reich, and another excellent group of original Zeppelin ephemera items with many photos, some postcards, newspapers, a Great Britain R38 press release, etc.

The prize piece this month, for those who care, is a group of original photos from the WWI Marine Luftschiff Flugplatz Ahlhorn, Oldenburg showing the base under construction, Zeppelins stationed there, and then detailed photos after the explosion that ripped the place apart. Impossible to duplicate.

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Germany in WWI and WWII #160

We just posted another group of early flight items and a quite large number of WWI Real photo postcards of soldiers, airplanes, tanks, battlefields, destroyed cities and buildings (most identified), etc.

The featured item this month is a museum-quality group of original photos taken during flight trials of the Siemens-Shcuckert Schuette-Lanz airships, all showing minor to rather extensive damage from their crashes.

From WWII there is a good group of volunteer feldposts, including an unusual number of Belgian volunteers and a couple of real rarities. In this section there are also a number of propaganda items.

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Germany Zeppelins, WWI Air Force, Navy, and WWII #159

I'm continuing last month's sale of early aviation photographs and postcards, with many pioneer flight photos and postcards, most notably a large number of private, original Zeppelin and Schuette Lanz airship photos, which are quite rare.

Two additional featured items are an autographed feldpost card from U9 Kapitaenleutnant Otto Weddigen in December of 1914[sold], and an original Heydrich folder with an issue quantity of only 25 pieces, making it more than an order of magnitude rarer than the souvenir sheet.

Rounding out this valuable assembly are a number of interesting feldpost items from both wars (mostly WWII), related photographs/RPPCs such as WWI tanks, some propaganda items, several Concentration Camp / Judaica items, a couple KLV lager postcards from the Czechoslovakian area, and even a few franked Rohrpost covers.

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Germany Pioneer Aviation, WWI, and Zusammendruck Sale #158

I'm continuing April's sale of early aviation photographs and postcards, with some pioneer Zeppelin photos, pioneer airplanes, WWI fighters and bombers, and a few dozen Sanke cards. Most of the photographs are private, and thus are quite probably unpublished; there are certainly many views I've not seen before with a lot of pilots and even some dirigibles I had to research (for example, several photos of obscure craft produced by the Royal Prussian Airship Works at Johannisthal). Few, if any, of these have been offered in the US or on the internet before.

The postal history is rather limited this month, with some Inflation-era metered covers and the actual uses of a number of the postcards mentioned above.

Lastly, there are 100 or so new Zusammendruck / se-tenant pieces just scanned and uploaded this week. All in all a good haul for the early flight fan.

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Germany, Austria, Aviation Pre-WWI to WWII Sale #157

My first box of early German aviation history just arrived, and I have added one of the four postcard collections it contained (most Real Photos) including many Flugplatz Johannisthal (the German version of Kitty Hawk), Sanke cards, and the start of the pioneer Zeppelins.

There are also many postal history items, including a study of Inflation rates on meters (Portostufen), 3rd Reich special usages (registered, COD, express, Zusammendruck, etc), and some Empire period as well, notable for uses of the German Navy in Turkey as well as a good group of WWI Patriotica.

With over 500 brand new items, I believe none of which has never been posted to the internet before (all from old collections), there must be something of interest!

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Germany and Austria WWI-WWII Sale #156

As noted last month, since I have so much new material coming in (waiting on seven cartons from three sources!) I'm having biweekly instead of monthly sales.

This week there is a lot of Austria, from Kaiserbriefe (Emperor's letters), to some interesting stampless covers, to WWI Marineschiffspost from many different vessels, and I also found another small group of Rohrpost items that slipped under the rest from the big collection of a couple of months ago.

From WWI Germany I have many picture postcards of generals, the Kaiser, the Navy, and some feldpost as well other postal history,

From the WWII period there are Luftwaffe postcards of planes and paratroopers, a bunch of registered/express/Wertbriefe, etc. covers, 3rd Reich FDCs, documents, Hindenburg Zeppelin postcards, etc. Not least are covers from the Inspectorate of Concentration Camps and the Council of Elders at Litzmannstadt Ghetto. Also, there is a rare proof in folder (Mi 804P Belvedere palace) from the Wiener Staatsdruckerei.

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Germany Wagner, Soviet Zone, Zusammendruck, and Postal History

Just back with perhaps the biggest group of material I've ever purchased in a single trip. In this first installment I have an extraordinary group of Soviet Zone Thueringen / Thuringia stamps, with tete-beche gutters that were only printed in quantities of a dozen or two, as well as the other better stamps from this short-lived, short-run 'country'.

I also purchased the best lot of Zusammendruck / tete-beche/se-tenant/booklets/panes I've succesfully bid on in the last 20 years, there are many better to rare Weimar pieces and an outstanding selection of Wagners, with at least one of every possible combination as well as larger unlisted blocks, and many represented three times: on cover, used, and mint. There are many complete unexploded booklets in the lot, all (save one) with their original staples and with MNH panes (of course).

Covers are represented with a large number of colorful Reich-era usages that (mostly) actually pay the called for rates. These include a couple interesting Rohrpost, dozens of Registereds and Express sendings, and a few 2nd Empire to Inflation items.

In addition there is a great Jagdstaffel Boelcke WWI Pilot document lot with an autograph signature of Pour le Merite Ace Karl Bolle; assorted WWII items including a Concentration Camp (KL) Stutthof bei Danzig covers, and several proofs from the SBZ Thueringia collection above as well as German General Government Poland large dies, plus a couple of Austrian pieces.

Lastly, since I have so much new material coming in and a relatively short time until our summer break, I'll probably be having sales much more often than normal, probably every other week for the next couple of months or so. Stay tuned!

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German Propaganda, Postal History, and Austria

In this sale I have a new group of 3rd Reich propaganda cards, with many better issues as well lots of not-too-expensive Reichsparteitag items, and most are used with Rally cancels.

There are several better postal history items, in particular some interesting Zusammendruck / se-tenants and a suprising DFutsches Reich 3pf Germania error on an expertized First Day Cover!

There aren't many stamps in this new group, but I do have all three Azad Hind 1 Rupee stamps MNH, and the Litzmannstadt / Lodz Ghetto issues I and II, both signed twice.

I've added more Austrian Empire, with some interesting 18th century decrees of Empress Maria Theresia. And in addition, I've posted the all the remaining Austrian and German Rohrpost covers from the collection of these I purchased last month. Again, no great rarities, but more than you usually encounter all at once. An opportunity for the collector of such.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a very rare history of Danzig: "Der Stadt Dantzig" by Reinhold Curicke (and son Georg) from 1686, bound with son Georg's account of the coronation of August the Other, King of Poland, another rare work in its own right.

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Austria Empire and Germany WWII

Our first sale of 2014 contains Rohrpost, Propaganda, Feldpost, Zeppelins, photographs, and perhaps just a little bit of everything else German+Austrian.

In particular, I have an interesting group of Austria, featuring WWI naval mail and another large group of Rohrposts.

In addition to the V1-related items, this sale contains the first group of cards from a propaganda postcard collection I just bought a week ago which had been off the market for many, many years. From the same source there are some interesting TR postal history items: a pair of scarcer first days (the Intl Community and Leisure Time sets), plate flaws used on cover, some Channel Islands Jersey covers (philatelic), to name a few.

In the feldpost section there are a couple nice WWII Galizien volunteer unit letters and new V1 rocket feldpost lots: each with cover and contents to/from Kommando Wachtel at Karlshagen, with 'open' address of the Erprobungskommando (Research command) there.

Lastly, I've completed moving all the stamps, covers, and maps from our first site,, so there is quite a lot of high-end material in this sale, and in the future there will be no need to search two sites for the same sorts of material at different price points. It's all here in one place. So, at the top of this sale are many crazy rare (and expensive) V1 leaflets as well as 100 or so German Navy in the Spanish Civil War feldposts; if you aren't interested in these please scroll down several pages to get at the several hundred other brand-new items.

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German Colonies, Austrian Empire, and WWII Propaganda

Our last sale of 2013 features a mostly complete (by main Michel number) collection of German Offices and Colonies stamps; only a few of the rarities are missing (like the top two Kiautschou values). The collector was a stickler for quality; I only found a handful of faults and these few are either noted or have been removed -- strangely enough they were only in the minor items. All higher catalog pieces were completely sound. I've added them all to this sale except for a few items which are going to Germany for BPP certification.

This month also brings a rather extraordinary number of Austrian Rohrpost / Pneumatic mail items, from reply-card pairs to official stationary envelopes. No great rarities, but for the collector of such there should be some interesting uses, and a lot of them: when was the last time you saw 200 Austrian Rohrposts for sale in one place?

In terms of quantity, I also have a large group of propaganda cards; in rarity, not so much. There are about 130 PPCs (many RPPCs) with over half featuring a certain megalomaniac. The remainder show the Braune Haus, Feldherrnhalle, Ehrentempel, etc.

An additional shipment made the 10 hour plane ride from Frankfurt to Denver in only one month, so I have 20 new Rhein Main pioneer Zeppelin flown covers in this sale (five Gelber Hund's!) plus 50 silver-process Zeppelin Weltfahrten 1929 series photographs, and am ahead of the curve for next month (more Austria, WWII Feldpost), which is a nice change.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

German Turkey, Austria, and WWII Propaganda

One shipment from Germany finally arrived, so I have a really nice group of German Navy in Turkey items; most are WWI, but there are also some earlier, as well as several from Austria, including many from the 1898 'Kaiserreise'. The WWI pieces include signed / autographed covers from Admiral Souchon (in charge of the Mediterranean fleet) and from Leutnant Karl Doenitz, later leader of the WWII Kriegsmarine and last ruler of the Reich.

Also arrived are a couple hundred Austrian Navy postcards and feldposts, with many interesting Real Photos and a lot of different ships in the Adriatic theatre.

From the Third Reich area I have the last batch of better propaganda cards from the collection of August, which you might remember for its outstanding quality. There are some duplicates that sold out from the earlier offering, but also many new and very scarce cards which have been off the market for a long, long time.

There also a few other items, such as three(!) Manila Blockade covers, a couple mixed-frank Vatican-Italy Zeppelin covers, some WWI Sanke cards, and assorted WWI-WWII feldpost. I am a little weak on the feldpost this month, but assuming the next shipment arrives there will be a few good items later this month. Also for next time (already arrived but not worked up) I have a really nice group of used German Colonies stamps, perhaps 90% complete, only missing the real rarities and some of the 'back-of-the-book' items. I plan on squeezing in one more sale before we close for Christmas.

For those keeping track, the USPS indeed appears to have lost the three 20 kilo packages of Zeppelin ephemera and postcards sent from Germany in September.

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3rd Reich, 1919 Revolution, Etc

I've added several hundred new propaganda cards, over half of which are Real Photo cards (RPPCs), but these also include color Reichsparteitag, portraits, etc. Included in this total are a few dozen interesting 1936 Olympics postcards, almost all used with cancels from the Games.

Last month I had Freikorps German Revolution cards; this time I have some items from the other side (as well as more Freikorps/Reichswehr), with some very rare cards showing Communist / Spartakist rebels, barricaded streets, and destroyed buildings from many hard-to-find locations. Most cards from the Revolution are Berlin or Munich -- none from this new lot are from either of those two cities -- rather: Duesseldorf Oberbilk, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Strassburg, Augsburg, and lots from Wilhelmshaven. These span from the 1918-9 Revolution to the 1920 Kapp Putsch, along with some Communist / Socialist advertising right up into the NSDAP period. These are all brand new to the internet with provenance from an advanced, decades-old collection. This lot was shipped via FedEx and thus arrived in 5 days (2 of which were the weekend). Otherwise I'd not be having a sale yet.

After over two months in the mail, the boxes of Zeppelin material I've been waiting on... still haven't arrived. It appears as if they are being shipped back to Germany. I have two other boxes coming as well, with German Offices and Austrian Navy cards/covers. DHL's website shows them sitting in the 'waiting' lager outside Frankfurt for two weeks. I really don't know how these people stay in business. I guess they are following the US Congress' lead -- all the pay and none of the work. I think I might run for office or go to work for the postal service. I could use the vacation.

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Freikorps, Austria, Spanish Civil War

I've added all of my German Navy in the Spanish Civil War material to the website now, with dozens of hard to find to outright rare usages, including urgent/top secret covers from the fleet flagship and U-Boats. An Austrian WWI U-boat feldpost collection has also been added (plus other Austrian philately), as well as 150 Freikorps/ Revolution Real Photo postcards (RPPCs). There is also much more Sudetenland, and a smattering of other areas.

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3rd Reich Propaganda

I've added a large group of high end propaganda cards, the cream of a lifetime collection by a German postcard specialist, which also included the all of the better Reichsparteitag 'Schmuckblatt' telegrams (9/10/13 only 3 left!). In addition, there are many Sudetenland stamps from Rumburg and Maffersdorf (all expertized), as well as the so-called 'Niederland' stamp set both perf and imperf. I also purchased a well-filled Feldpost/Inselpost stamp set; many of these are off for expertization, but those that were already backstamped are here now. Last, but not least, I have added a nice collection of German and Allied Propaganda Forgery stamps of WWII.

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