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Germany WWII Postal History, Propaganda, Inflation #176

Our Midsummer sale includes a couple hundred German propaganda cards, not many rare this time but a plethora of different items.

Also up is a group of sixty or so German Inflation covers, notably express and postage dues sent general delivery to Italy and other European destinations, along with a couple to Turkey, all from an old time collection which included an original correspondence.

In addition there are many other 1933-1945 Germany items, with many registered usages, mostly 'Portogerecht' or postally correct and paying a proper rate. Plus a few Zeppelins, including USA C13-C15 each on cover.

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Germany WWII Postal History, Propaganda, Inflation #175

It's almost summer, and while we're winding down I still have a mountain of pre-1945 covers arriving, with a few thousand new pieces to sort through.

Among the new acquisitions I'm filtering several boxes of Inflation-era usages and have put up a number of 1st, Last, and Express covers, with several foreign (though European) destinations. The remainder (not sure what I'll find) will be spread among the next few sales.

I don't have any more Stalingrad cards [sadly] but there are a number of new propaganda items, including Stocker Verlag postcards, a Swedish Nazi Party(!) card[sold], a Belgian Waffen SS Recruitment card, a number of Hoffmann RPPCs, and even some new items of Italian origin.

In addition to the propaganda items, there are many other 1933-1945 covers, including a few dozen 1936 Olympic items, scads of registered usages, a camp stationery cover from an inmate KL Stuffhof, an SS Doctor at Buchenwald, and a letter+cover from the Chancellory.

Lastly, there are WWI patriotic items of French origin with humorous anti-German pictures, over a dozen new Rohrpost covers, and a few San Marino Zeppelins flown on the 1933 Romfahrt, among other things.

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Germany WWII Propaganda, Zeppelins, Turkey WWI Postal History #174

I'm practically getting a shipment a day now, and we're burning up the scanner to get everything ready before the big summer slowdown. We don't close up shop completely during the summer, but there is a certain amount of laurel-resting in Rocky Mountain National Park, among other foresty-type locations.

For the second sale of this month I have some real propaganda rarities including the 'Spitze' or top of of all the WWII-era cards -- the so-called 'Stalingrad' card [SOLD] , in the best condition of any of these I've seen in years -- which, to be truthful, isn't that many; I encounter these perhaps once a year if I'm lucky. The last one I saw was offered at over half of the price of this one, but it was in such a sorry state, having been folded and repeatedly creased.

The flight section this time is filled with mostly inexpensive Zeppelin flights, plus a few ringers. Included are around 50 Rhein Main Schwaben Zeppelin and Gelber Hund items, and a number of other early flights from the late teens to the 30's.

The colonies section isn't as strong as I'd like, but there are 50 or so German WWI Turkey items, with lots and lots of Military Mission in Constantinople as well as MSP29 and MSP14 cards. For those interested, all of these are from the Detlef Hilmer store, as are all the Knight's Cross this month. I was fortunate enough to buy a number of the boxes from his stock which was liquidated at auction.

Lastly, there are a number of turn-of-the-century Germania uses to the far corners of South America, the odd stamp or two, and some WWI patriotics notable for their use by a Swiss Volunteer in the German Army -- rare in either war.

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German China, WWII, WWI Postal History #173

Just back from the latest trip to Europe, I'm down to only one more trip across the Atlantic before our summer break.

For the first sale of this month (I hope to have two) I've added the last (and rarest) pieces from the previous Boxer Rebellion Feldpost collection, which also includes historically interesting images used through the military post offices.

The flight section this time is mostly inexpensive Zeppelin PPCs, with some WWI and Weimar-era airplanes and airmail. Some of these are used as Feldpost, as are several of the 100 or so Helgoland postcards which accompany them.

The scarcest pieces this month are probably the much sought-after Wiener Werkstaette artist cards, though there are also some WWII-era postcards and even a very early (1920!) DNSAP propaganda item.

Filed under the 'weird' section, I've a group of postal stationery cutouts used on cover, apparently collected over a long period since most of these are commercial uses from the Weimar to the early Bundes period. There are also Afrika Korps POW covers of Germans held in the Middle East and later Canada, a couple of WWI autographed cards (Graf Luckner et al), plus a number of other odds and ends from the German-Austrian area.

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German Colonies, Zeppelins, WWI-WWII #172

Our first big box has arrived from last month's trip, and we have a nice new bunch of material from collector's hands.

We were successful in getting one man's Boxer Rebellion feldpost collection, formed over decades and comprising all the FPN's from the conflict, as well as Vorlaufer / forerunners and interesting picture postcards.

We've put up over 30 new Zeppelin flown covers including a few treaties from Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Austria.

The WWI section includes Feldpost and a lot of period postcards, especially Real Photos of Navy ships and submarines.

In addition there are: new WWII items, notably Afrika Korps feldpost with Palmenstempels and Germanic SS Nederland unused documents, Bavarian stamp proofs and essays, Zeppelin postcards, plus a few other odd and ends.

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German and Austria in WWI-WWII + Zeppelins #171

We have some new Feldpost, including a few WWII volunteers as well as a number of Austrian WWI uses. There are also some interesting Navy items, including pieces from Turkey.

I did in fact get through another group of Zeppelin ephemera, notable for two lots of WWI photographs: one is a set showing the crash landing of the Zeppelin L10 shot on its way to a London air raid; the other is a group showing the damaged Schutte-Lanz SL14 airship in the hangar at Dresden in 1915. along with these are a few timetables, additional photos (including signed items of Kurt Eckener), etc.

I also did procure some new propaganda items -- as usual these are just getting harder and harder to find, the cheaper Euro-USD exchange rate notwithstanding. But I have added a few nice pieces.

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In addition to these areas we have new Sudetenland covers, some German Colonies pieces, a couple revenues, Austrian Przemysl siege airmails, German WWI Air Force items, etc.

German-Austrian Feldpost, Zeppelins, WWI-WWII, Sudetenland #170

I've been working hard to get my website updates finished before I head back to Germany but I don't think I'm going to make it, so my big changes will have to wait another month. Meanwhile, I've added a bunch of material, mostly lower-middle priced from the German and Austrian Empire to 1945 time frame (I know that's a huge surprise), plus some rather expensive ringers from diverse areas.

First off I have more new Feldpost from both wars, as well as a bunch of General Hindenburg patriotics (both used and unused) as well as others from WWI. There are also a few WWII propaganda uses from both Germany and Italy, some of which I just found from years ago that had gotten misplaced when I moved -- being my own boss I've put off doing inventory for now well over a decade...

This month also sees the last of the new German Colonies material purchased in 2014, except for a few other oversize pieces. There are some Marineschiffsposts here, a little more China, a few more DOA railroad cancels, some fleet in Turkey covers etc. Hopefully by my next sale I'll have yet another fresh Colonies batch...

I also unearthed both new and old Zeppelin material (mostly flown covers), some of which, again, had been misplaced for years. Whoops. I have a bunch more ephemera waiting in the wings, too, but I won't get to it at least until April, if then. After I die I shudder to think what my kids will do with my 'trash'.

Did I ever tell you that the finest V1 Propaganda leaflet collection in the world (at the time) was going to the rubbish bin when a dealer (not me) who'd stopped by to look at some other stuff said: "Hey, wait a minute, that might be worth something." Emphasis on the 'might'.

That's a true story; the moral being: if you're a collector, tell your kids to box up all your philately and send it to auction or dealer 'XXXX'. Better that than the trash can. Because since postal history doesn't come with a screen or a keyboard, they're not likely to care about it and out it will go.

OK, enough preaching. My sale this month winds up with: Austrian Rohrpost, more Sudetenland covers, some Austrian, Italian, and German stamps here and there, (plus one Brescia/Venetian cover from 1517!) and a little bit of other stuff you'll just have to dig for.

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German Colonies, Feldpost, Zeppelin Ephemera, Sudetenland #169

I'm getting ready for my next buying trip, but I'm still not done with last year's boxes: so, this month I'm continuing the German Colonies bounty with more German China stamps, a plethora of German East Africa railroad cancels, several covers, and other odds and ends which are likely to please Colonies fans.

From the big Zeppelin postcard collection I purchased at the end of last year I have all of the better photos, including rare, unpublished images of some early military airships and their crashes. Also a bunch of inexpensive Zeppelin litho postcards with a focus on the early empire Luftschiffhalle at Dresden-Kaditz.

Sudetenland: I'm also continuing the Sudetenland liberation cancel offerings with the next set of cities -- several smaller towns as well as larger, better known origins such as Aussig and Asch. There are a few minor propaganda itmes in here as well.

Lastly, as usual, I have a decent group of Feldpost, this time with a large number of Austrian WWI as well as a smattering of German Air Force uses. To top it off there are: WWII Legion private stamps, several POW covers with fees paid for additional services, Stalingrad returned feldpost, a couple SS items, and a few mid-range Austrian stamp sets from the '30s.

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German Kiautschou, DOA, Zeppelins, Feldpost #168

New year, big sale -- over 500 new items sourced from old-time Europe collections, most of which haven't been on the internet before. And, for a change, there are a couple hundred stamps. Not that I'm going back to stamps from covers, but every now and then I get a good collection of both. Like right now.

This offer contains well over 100 Kiautschou Briefmarken, with a large number of forerunners and 'Mitlaufer' used stamps, many on piece -- all but a handful have already been expertized (I love collections like that). Most are under $50.

Next, I have several dozen German East Africa stamps collected for their cancels, though there are a few large yachts as well. Of special note are the dozen or so wartime usages. Few if any are over $50.

Zeppelins? Did you ask about Zeppelins? From a collection ca 225 flown covers we've had the best scanned (the rest going into my show boxes) and the whole group is available now: the focus is on mid-range German flights, with 90% under $100 and including numerous Bordpost usages. And it doesn't end there: Zeppelin pioneer photos (I've really been pursuing early aviation source material), Zeppelin Real Photo Postcards, and even a number of propaganda-ish items.

Lastly, Feldpost. WWII. I purchased a really astounding V2 unit collection and have posted the first few, including a rare Weimar-Buchenwald Paketkarte from the underground Mittelbau V2 construction site -- this one has marked for contents "Gut der Waffen SS" / "Goods of the Waffen SS". There are also numerous other units including Abwehr and Kriegsmarine.

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German Colonies, Zeppelins, WWI Aviation, Propaganda #167

We're closing in on Christmas, and I'm squeeeeaking in this last sale before my wife's cookies make it impossible for me to reach the keyboard. I'll diet. First thing next year.

I have another installment of German colonies, with a good bit of German East Africa as promised, and more Kiautschou, among others (but mostly these two).

Next, I have yet another group of early Aviation, with a bunch of cool pictures of WWI fighters, crashed planes, and some captured enemy guns/tanks.

I also just uploaded a group of Zeppelin Real Photo postcards, with a variety of pioneer airships and then a big load of Graf Zeppelin LZ127 items. No flights, just postcards. I did get a nice lot of flown covers too, but those will be in the next sale.

Lastly, I didn't get many WWII propaganda cards these last two trips, but I did pick up a few, and they're all in this sale.

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German Colonies, WWI Aviation, Private Ganzsachen #166

I decided to avoid Cyber Monday and go for Cyber Wednesday instead: for those in the US I hope you had a great Thanksgiving; in Germany perhaps a good Erntedankfest, and for those elsewhere, just a nice weekend. I'm struggling to balance work with family through the holiday season, and am trying to get my backlog done before I shut down for the Christmas holiday. So many covers and so little time...

I have the next installment of German colonies up with a little something from each one but especially a plenitude of Kiautschou and a few good German Africa items; the rest of the DOA covers should be up in my next sale, hopefully in 10 days or so.

Next, the newest group of WWI Aviation is in, with a number of Sanke cards and a variety of feldposts from all sorts of aviation units: Jasta's, Kasta's, Schweinwerfer, Flugabwehr, Fliegerabteilungen, etc. There are even a couple of premium autographed items: one from famed ace Hauptmann Oswald Boelcke and another from the most successful Austrian WWI avaiator, Leutnant Banfeld; both are on genuine feldpost usages -- none of those suspicious signed-on-the-front-in-magic-marker blanko pieces.

For something a little different (as far as my website is concerned) I've added over 100 private Ganzsachen / postal stationery entire cards. None are particularly expensive but many are quite scarce, since they often had print runs of 1000 or less. All are pre-WWII, are notable for their above-average condition, and there was a distinct preference on the part of the collector for stamp shows and stamp dealers from the Weimar era. If you collect these, it's a good opportunity since they don't make it to the States very often, aren't expensive enough to justify an auction listing, and so are often hard to find online, even in Germany. Stamp shows still rule for some things. (Don't see any 2 Euro boxes online, either!)

Lastly (and not for sale): I'm working on a couple articles from my last trip. I took along my father-in-law and got to bum around some parts of Germany I've not spent much time in before -- most notably the Harz region of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia, which were all remarkable. Who knew the DDR was so awesome? I think Quedlinburg is the neatest old town I've visited in Germany, and is actually a lot more interesting than Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber, which usually gets all the press for being the quaintest medieval-era town in the country. I also went to the Panzermuseum in Munster, which was incredible for entirely different reasons. I'll post more information as soon as the articles are ready, for those who are interested.

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Germany and Colonies plus WWI-WWII Postal History #165

Back from my second trip to Germany in as many months, I arrived to find the lots from my October trip already waiting for me.

For the first time in a long time I as able to purchase some great lots of colonies covers, the first group of which I've just posted, with some good China (four Petschili covers), Kiautschou, a number of African (DOA,DSWA,Morocco,DNG); this bunch is remarkable for the number of registered usages it contains -- many of which are properly franked to pay the rate (though not the large yachts, of course, since you'd have to add a zero or two for those).

I also have a number of Sudetenland provisionals with many colorful items, and a small but decent group of other WWII propaganda -- the cards are getting harder and harder to buy; I only saw one good collection in all of the auctions that took place while I was there (which was *all* of the biggest ones) and while I was the underbidder, I wasn't too disappointed to let it go; the price was too high.

Rounding out this week's lot are WWI feldposts from Germany and Austria, as well as interesting picture postcards from the war as well. Plus a few more Rohrposts (including French entires), WWII Volunteer feldposts (one Russian!), etc.

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Germany, Austria in WWI with Zeppelins and Rohrpost #164

This sale features: a group of Zeppelin photos and related ephemera including one rare, large format photo of the Schuette Lanz SL14 in its hangar, and the set of barometric charts from the first flight of the LZ39 in April 1915; the LZ15 only flew until Decmber of that year, when it was shot down at Rowno, Ukraine. There are also menus, advertising brochures, schedules. This particular collector wasn't picky about condition, so many of these are faulty, which means cheap. If you're interested.

More Rohrpost. Mostly Austria, with a couple of better pieces and a huge batch of inexpensive cards I've listed for those who collect the cancels. I don't look these up so there are bound to be some better ones.

WWI Postcards: there are a few really nice Patriotics: I especially like the one with the Gas mask and the one that says 'The War Will Be Won by Those with the Strongest Nerves', though I think they should have said 'The war will be won by those with the best supply lines and massive numerical superiority.' The Central Powers inflicted a lot more casualties than they received, for all the good it did them.

For General Hindenburg collectors there are over 100 different cards of him.

And what else: Austrian 1930's mint/used semi-postals, I believe all well under 1/2 of Michel catalog. A series of 1920's original (mostly private) flight photos, including several interesting 1924 Zugspitze Segelflugzeug / Glider competition pictures. A few better Notgeld. Some Feldpost. 1920s Reichstag voting ballots with the NSDAP listed, headlined by Freiherr von Epp.

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Germany, Austria, Rohrpost, and Early Flight #163

The last group of WWI Aviation from the big lot earlier this year (but, in the time since my last mail sale, I bought another nice group, so more is in the wings.)

A nice group of 1938-9 Sudetenland 'Befreiungsstempel' or 'Liberation' cancels on cover, with many philatelic but also some genuine commercial usages (Bedarfspost).

Continuing on with the estate of a renowned Rohrpost collector (died far too young, in his 50's), I have another several dozen pneumatic mail items, mostly from Austria this time, but also including a couple of interesting Italian items -- one proof, one freak, and one rarer set cover. Also in the Austrian area are the rest of the imperfs and part perfs from last month's collection of such.

There are also Weimar Inflation meters with many high values, first and last days, and some illustrated. Interesting if that's your area. There are a number of inexpensive Zeppelin postal stationery's, some WWI feldpost, and a few other odds and ends to while away the time until my next big shipment comes in.

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