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Germany WWII, WWI, Aviation, and Stamps #186

I'm getting ready to go on my first buying trip of 2016; I got a bit carried away and made a really big sale, nearly 500 items. Trying to clean out the in box... unfortunately it seems to be filling a little faster than I can work it.

As to Zeppelins, this week I have a dozens of newly added pioneer-era postcards, again with early Zeppelins over a variety small towns.

I'm still adding propaganda from the last trip of last year with 150+ new cards (I had some late arrivals) starting at $12 to $350.

More stamps: A complete run (by major number) of German Kamerun / Camerouns with most both mint and used plus a bunch of post-WWII locals with mint sets, on piece, and a few covers. I'm also continuing the Zusammendruck /se-tenant collection from last month and have more from 1918-1939 with many pairs and strips (mostly used) and booklet panes (mostly MNH), with catalog values to EUR1200. WWII Occupations are covered with Detusche Hilfspost Ukraine, Pleskau, and occupied Montenegro, among others.

And what else? WWI patriotic postcards with many anti-German from France, a few WWII Legion stamp sheets, some POL perfins, and some Flugblatter / leaflets from WWII. Plus I'm sure I forgot something...

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Germany Aviation, Propaganda, and WWI #185

Our first sale of 2016 contains a real treasure trove of Holocaust and Judaica-related material with rare concentration camp covers from a high end collection purchased at the tail end of 2015; I've never offered covers from a few of these camps before. There are also numerous related pieces for the budget conscious, from so-called 'Sara' airmail letters to parcel receipts of several camps.

I don't do stamps so much any more as you might have noticed, but this week there are over 100 newly added Zusammendruck / se-tenant pieces dating from 1918 to 1939, with most being in top MNH condition (plus a few used).

As to Zeppelins, this week I have a few dozen more pioneer-era postcards, again with early Zeppelins over a variety small towns.

I haven't put up too many new propaganda postcards, but there are about 50 or so fresh Hoffmann WWII Ritterkreuztraeger / Knight's Cross RPPC's along with a few additional color cards from 1934-39.

In addition there are numerous Feldpost covers from both Germany and Austria in WWI-WWII, including a few Patriotics and a number of Marine items. Happy New Year!

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Germany Aviation, Propaganda, and WWI #184

This sale contains an offering of harder to find propaganda, with a number of scarce Real Photo RPPCs from the 1929 Nuernberg Reichsparteitag gathering, long before the NSDAP used a loophole (corrected in the BRD constitution) to seize power with the Enabling Act of 1933. Towards the end of the sale are many less expensive items you may or may not need to fill a few holes.

The aviation section is full of early photographs and RPPCs from the WWI to Weimar era, showing aviators and many forgotten aircraft, along with lots of Junkers. Just as interesting, though perhaps to a different group of collectors, are the dozens of pioneer Zeppelin postcards of airships landing at or flying over various small towns in Germany. These came from an A-Z collection whereby the former owner tried to get a PPC or original photo of a Zeppelin over every possible Burg-Heim-Schloss-Stadt on the continent (mainly Germany, though).

In the etcetera category I've added numerous WWII Feldpost with many SS, post-WWI Freikorps cards, many Austrian covers, a few additional Concentration Camp items, and more USA Zeppelins.

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Zeppelins, Propaganda, and Zusammendruck #183

My penultimate offering for the year is big on Zeppelins, with nearly 200 items, including a huge number of Swiss Zeppelins with lots of better, early frankings, as well as numerous South American (Brazil,Paraguay,Argentina, etc) flown covers.

I'm also continuing the posting of two large Zusammendruck collections, and have several high catalog Germania items, including advertising label se-tenants (MNH,MH, + used).

The propaganda section is heavy on SS, with several early advertising propaganda cards as well as nearly two dozen Photo Hoffmann SS Ritterkreuztraeger cards from the largest collection of these Knight's Cross winners I've ever purchased. This week also finds about two dozen Panzer and other Heer RKT from Hoffmann.

In the etcetera category I've added numerous WWI patriotic and/or Feldpost items (many Aviation), Freikorps cards, another Pleskau sheet, a few Concentration Camp items, USA Zeppelins, and some German SW Africa covers.

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Post-Thanksgiving Sale! Zeppelins, Propaganda, Colonies, and Stamps #182

I just returned for what should be my last series of auctions for the year, which is a good thing, since I now have a huge backlog of great material, most brand new to the USA and/or from collections which have been off of the market for many years.

I'm continuing the offering of propaganda cards, with dozens of excellent condition items from $40 to $500.

I have more German colonies, though not as many as I'd like; this time it's mostly Kiautschou.

This week brings a bunch of new Zeppelin items, everything from Sanke pioneer RPPCs to a few dozen flown Austrian treaties, and even a couple of US Zepps, with a C13 and C14 each on cover, as well as a VF-XF C14 on piece.

And what else? I've added several key items from Germany's short-lived occupation of Russia in WWII, with expertized pieces from Ljady and Pleskau. I didn't get around (yet) to much more of the KL material, but there are a couple of rare, early Sachsenburg covers (mid-1930s) with contents and camp handstamps. Lastly, I purchased not one but two early se-tenant collections (mostly pre-1940), and a few of these pieces are up now, with catalog values from EUR70 to 3K. In total, a high-value lot of interesting pieces you don't see everyday.

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Germany Propaganda, Inflation, Zeppelin PCs, and Colonies #181

I'm back from what I think was my most successful auction run of all time. The bidding was intense and I lost some great lots (for example, a fantastic Feldpost collection that contained a genuine Mi 13 Hela stamp on cover) but also won some particularly good collections, thanks to the strong dollar. For the first time in years I went head to head with the biggest postcards dealers in Germany and actually won the majority of the WWII Propaganda as well as significant groups of WWI postcards not usually seen (these will appear starting in the next sale). Meanwhile, many of the boxes are already here, so for your viewing pleasure I have:

Lots of new WWII propaganda cards from a large estate with many scarce pieces, more of which will follow in the next few sales.

A number of German Offices and colonies, with a few from almost all of the territories.

Over 30 German States covers from Baden to Thurn und Taxis.

Concentration camp items from Buchenwald, Flossenburg, Auschwitz, Loibl Pass, Lichtenburg (only one!), etc. I'll have more from this outstanding collection in the next sale as well.

German High Inflation covers to Denmark.

And what else? I've added several autographed Sanke WWI ace cards, a 1913 RPPC portrait of Artur Fallon flown with the Muehlhausen semi-official pioneer airmail Michel 10 (CV EUR900) signed by the pilot Fallon, and even a few English covers.

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Germany WWII, WWI, Revolution and Photographs #180

I'm in Germany at the moment, preparing for my trip to Sindelfingen, which show starts on Thursday the 29th. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood. Note that none of my website stock will be with me, everything here will be completely different, with thousands of EUR2 covers and a few thousand more under EUR30.

Meanwhile, through the magic of the internet I'm offering this newest sale, containing:

WWII Propaganda and WWI patriotica and a troop of Freikorps-1919 Revolution Real Photo postcards, with some interesting imagery.

For Feldpost there are items from both wars and several fronts, including Austria, and a number of Marineschiffposts from the German presence in Turkey.

In addition, I have a handful of 'Adelbriefe', or letters of the nobility, including several from the court of the Saxon - and for a short time Polish - Duke/King. There are photographs of the Graf Zeppelin and a few other airships, a Waffen SS Mann's personnel file with assorted documents, another invasion of covers from the German 'liberation' of Czechoslovakia, a little Danzig and Saar, and more... another diverse offering!

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Germany Propaganda, Inflation, and WWI #179

The auction season is really under way now, and I have a very busy schedule coming up, so will be packing the sales in before my next trip.

First up this month are a number of new propaganda and related items, beginning with many less expensive though not necessarily common cards up to some more esoteric items.

I've finished filtering through the several thousand Inflation covers purchased in April, and have uploaded many new pieces of this era's postal history, notably advertising covers. One more batch next month and that will be it. Until I buy some more. The few thousand orphaned items will be (mostly) at my booth in Sindelfingen, so stop by if you'll be attending.

My Feldpost section is fairly light -- it's been a while since a good collection has come along -- though I have added a number of SS covers (some with contents), a number of provisional/unusual cachets, and scattered WWI pieces as well.

In addition, I have put up numerous German airmails from the 1930's, Freikorps RPPC's including original Hoffmans, and WWI patriotica from Germany, Austria, France, and Italy. From the Colonies appear ephemeral things such as DSWA loan documents, a Windhuk telegram, an original DOA newspaper, and a few postcards, etc. Plus, just because I have a partiality for northern Italy (where I used to live), there are some stampless covers from that part of the world, with a few bearing cachets of the army(!) of Pope Pius IX during the War of Independence, three from the Patriarcato di Venezia, as well as a disinfected cover to the envoy of his Royal Highness the Emperor of Russia in Venice. I try to be diverse. As diverse as I can be, anyway, given that my specialty is the German-speaking world.

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Germany WWII, Inflation, Colonies, and Austria + WWI #178

I just got back from my latest trip to Germany, and the auction I attended there was a bloodbath. One anonymous telephone bidder bought virtually every Colonies collection, and there were a lot (it's why I went). Luckily I viewed at other locations, however, and hopefully will be more successful in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, my last boxes finally arrived from my May trip, so I've uploaded a few hundred new items with some new colonies covers, most especially about 40 German Turkey items, but also other locations such as China.

I also put up more Inflation, with nearly a hundred new advertising, special rates, first/last days, etc. including dozens to Denmark.

I didn't get many propaganda items, but there are some new items here. Relatedly, there is a Austrian unissued Blitz-Totenkopf set in Postfrisch / MNH condition with a new VOB certificate [sold].

In addition, I have stamps of the German area before 1945, many more Sudetenland provisional covers from my seemingly never-ending collection of small town usages, and some WWI-era postcards as well -- all in all, about 550 items in this sale.

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Germany-Austria WWI-WWII, Inflation, and Czech Legion #177

Sadly, summer is over (at least as far was we're concerned) and the kids are back in school. However, I'm planning my next trips to Europe and should have loads of new items in the fall, along with my summer purchases.

I've posted a boatload of new Inflation covers, with many special usages, advertising, and first/last day rates.

Both World Wars are represented with postal history and postcards from Germany and Austria, though there's a lot more WWI than WWII in this sale, since I'm running low on new propaganda and patriotica, which is one of the motivators for my next trip. That and new Colonies, which I'm almost completely out of.

As Monty Python would say: "and for something completely different", I bought a collection of Czech Legion in Great Britain covers. Mostly period commemorative cancels (and lots of them) but also genuine usages with a few officials.

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Germany WWII Postal History, Propaganda, Inflation #176

Our Midsummer sale includes a couple hundred German propaganda cards, not many rare this time but a plethora of different items.

Also up is a group of sixty or so German Inflation covers, notably express and postage dues sent general delivery to Italy and other European destinations, along with a couple to Turkey, all from an old time collection which included an original correspondence.

In addition there are many other 1933-1945 Germany items, with many registered usages, mostly 'Portogerecht' or postally correct and paying a proper rate. Plus a few Zeppelins, including USA C13-C15 each on cover.

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Germany WWII Postal History, Propaganda, Inflation #175

It's almost summer, and while we're winding down I still have a mountain of pre-1945 covers arriving, with a few thousand new pieces to sort through.

Among the new acquisitions I'm filtering several boxes of Inflation-era usages and have put up a number of 1st, Last, and Express covers, with several foreign (though European) destinations. The remainder (not sure what I'll find) will be spread among the next few sales.

I don't have any more Stalingrad cards [sadly] but there are a number of new propaganda items, including Stocker Verlag postcards, a Swedish Nazi Party(!) card[sold], a Belgian Waffen SS Recruitment card, a number of Hoffmann RPPCs, and even some new items of Italian origin.

In addition to the propaganda items, there are many other 1933-1945 covers, including a few dozen 1936 Olympic items, scads of registered usages, a camp stationery cover from an inmate KL Stuffhof, an SS Doctor at Buchenwald, and a letter+cover from the Chancellory.

Lastly, there are WWI patriotic items of French origin with humorous anti-German pictures, over a dozen new Rohrpost covers, and a few San Marino Zeppelins flown on the 1933 Romfahrt, among other things.

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Germany WWII Propaganda, Zeppelins, Turkey WWI Postal History #174

I'm practically getting a shipment a day now, and we're burning up the scanner to get everything ready before the big summer slowdown. We don't close up shop completely during the summer, but there is a certain amount of laurel-resting in Rocky Mountain National Park, among other foresty-type locations.

For the second sale of this month I have some real propaganda rarities including the 'Spitze' or top of of all the WWII-era cards -- the so-called 'Stalingrad' card [SOLD] , in the best condition of any of these I've seen in years -- which, to be truthful, isn't that many; I encounter these perhaps once a year if I'm lucky. The last one I saw was offered at over half of the price of this one, but it was in such a sorry state, having been folded and repeatedly creased.

The flight section this time is filled with mostly inexpensive Zeppelin flights, plus a few ringers. Included are around 50 Rhein Main Schwaben Zeppelin and Gelber Hund items, and a number of other early flights from the late teens to the 30's.

The colonies section isn't as strong as I'd like, but there are 50 or so German WWI Turkey items, with lots and lots of Military Mission in Constantinople as well as MSP29 and MSP14 cards. For those interested, all of these are from the Detlef Hilmer store, as are all the Knight's Cross this month. I was fortunate enough to buy a number of the boxes from his stock which was liquidated at auction.

Lastly, there are a number of turn-of-the-century Germania uses to the far corners of South America, the odd stamp or two, and some WWI patriotics notable for their use by a Swiss Volunteer in the German Army -- rare in either war.

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German China, WWII, WWI Postal History #173

Just back from the latest trip to Europe, I'm down to only one more trip across the Atlantic before our summer break.

For the first sale of this month (I hope to have two) I've added the last (and rarest) pieces from the previous Boxer Rebellion Feldpost collection, which also includes historically interesting images used through the military post offices.

The flight section this time is mostly inexpensive Zeppelin PPCs, with some WWI and Weimar-era airplanes and airmail. Some of these are used as Feldpost, as are several of the 100 or so Helgoland postcards which accompany them.

The scarcest pieces this month are probably the much sought-after Wiener Werkstaette artist cards, though there are also some WWII-era postcards and even a very early (1920!) DNSAP propaganda item.

Filed under the 'weird' section, I've a group of postal stationery cutouts used on cover, apparently collected over a long period since most of these are commercial uses from the Weimar to the early Bundes period. There are also Afrika Korps POW covers of Germans held in the Middle East and later Canada, a couple of WWI autographed cards (Graf Luckner et al), plus a number of other odds and ends from the German-Austrian area.

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German Colonies, Zeppelins, WWI-WWII #172

Our first big box has arrived from last month's trip, and we have a nice new bunch of material from collector's hands.

We were successful in getting one man's Boxer Rebellion feldpost collection, formed over decades and comprising all the FPN's from the conflict, as well as Vorlaufer / forerunners and interesting picture postcards.

We've put up over 30 new Zeppelin flown covers including a few treaties from Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Austria.

The WWI section includes Feldpost and a lot of period postcards, especially Real Photos of Navy ships and submarines.

In addition there are: new WWII items, notably Afrika Korps feldpost with Palmenstempels and Germanic SS Nederland unused documents, Bavarian stamp proofs and essays, Zeppelin postcards, plus a few other odd and ends.

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