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Germany 1949 Exportmesse Hannover Bizone Block1 FDC Cover
Germany 1949 American-British Zone Hannover Messe Expo souvenir sheet FDC flown on KLM airlines to Hamburg. Slightly worn, good condition, GPSY expertization lower right. CV EUR500


Germany 1945 Grossraschen Mi 13B-24B Post-WWII Local Set
Used most Type I except 19 and 24, which are TIII (EUR500 each), and 18 and 22 which are a combination of TII and TI -- uncatalogued as such(!) Mi 2015 CV EUR2600++


Germany 1945 Stadt Niesky Full Sheet MNH Mi 8-10 SZ3 SZ4 Post-WWII Local Set
Full sheet including the Zusammendruck/se-tenant/gutter pairs, separated in center (see scan) and also some separating at edges. Hinges in margins, stamps all Postfrisch / MNH. Top left stamp toned. Very scarce large piece, '17 Mi CV EUR705.


Germany Mindelheim 2A 2B 2C Set MNH Post-WWII Locals
Mit Falz / mint hinged. Tadellos / great condition. CV EUR660 as cheapest varieties.


Germany Storkow Post-WWII Local Mi13 AUw MNH Imperf Horizontal Variety
Ohne Falz / MNH. CV EUR50


Germany Storkow Post-WWII Local Mi 12AUwL MNH Imperf Horizontal Variety
Ohne Falz / MNH. EUR50 as single stamp, unpriced with attached Leerfeld /empty stamp.


Schongau Baltic Displaced Persons Exposition 1946 MNH Corner Margin Single
Corner Margin Single from the Bavarian Schongau Baltic Displaced Persons (DP Camp) Exposition.


Germany Postwar 40pf Koelner Dom Cologne Cathedral Part Perf Margin PairMNH
Part perf on two sides.