This page contains items from the German Third Reich. These are offered for historical purposes only and not in order to incite hatred or intolerance in any form. Our items have been used in multiple scholarly publications, donated to multiple museums (including at least one Holocaust museum), and appeared in multiple historical/antique television shows. We have been a respected member of the stamp-collecting community for over two decades. Our pieces are for serious collectors and historians only.
Germany 1932 World War Coming Ludendorff Nationalist Patriotic Card
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1932 Der Weltkrieg Kommt! Lest Ludendorffs Volkswarte - Lest die deue Schrift Ludendorffs "Weltkrieg droht" Helfst das Unheil abwenden / The World War is Coming! Read Ludendorff's Pamphlet 'Werold War Threatens" and help avert disaster. 1932 advertising for right-wing General Ludendorff's vision of the future of Germany -- this is the same general that took part in the Kapp Putsch and Hitler's 1923 Beer-Hall Putsch. Unusual
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