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3rd Reich Germany V2 Rocket Art Regt AAA 271 Kommando-Stelle S Schneidemuehl Feldpost
Item #:87065
Franking :FP
Date Used :1944-09-09
Price :SOLD
Feldpost from 8. Tech Art Ausb Abt Motorisiert 271 (AAA 271) with open Art Ers Regt 271 Dienstpost / service cachet (rare), part of Kommando Stelle "S", Einsatz bei der Fuehrung der Fernraketen-Verbaende / unit for the coordination of the long-range rocket program. With the Peenemuende (Peenemunde) VII / V cancel (weird coincidence -- to me -- in that the cancel for these V2 units was VII -- technically a Roman 7, I know but I always see V-II ). All Vergeltungs-Waffe (Retribution Weapons) aka Wunderwaffe (Wonder Weapons) Feldpost are quite scarce. This comes from a large collection formed over decades and which had only 52 pieces, which is still the largest grouping I've seen from a single owner. A rare offering from a V2 development unit of Peenemuende after having been relocated to Schneidemuehl.
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