USA 1875 Colorado Territory SILVERTON COL Mining Gold Rush San Juans Cover
Item #:87966
Franking :EF
Date Used :1875-08-26
Price :US$409
Colorado Territory-era Gold Rush Mining cover with SILVERTON COL target cancel sent to New Haven, CT. A bit worn, trimmed open at left, good genuine usage, as per scans. Ex Schuyler Rumsey sale 52-53, Lot 794. According to Bauer this cancel was only used July-Aug 1875, and was unknown to Jarrett. Silverton still exists, a beautiful little relic in the middle of the San Juan's, just about an hour and a half from where we live. Early mining cover from this region of the then-wilderness (and it's still pretty wild now -- in 10,000+ square miles of National Forests and monuments.)
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