3rd Reich Germany - A Prague Ghetto Concentration Camp Story in 14 Covers
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A collection of 14 covers from a man - Bohomil Mueller - his parents, and his wife Nelli. He was of Aryan descent, she of Jewish. This philatelic story starts with both interned in the Prague Hagibor Work Camp / Ghetto for 'Versippten' (inter-related) and 'Mischlinge' (mixed-race). The first cover is from Nelli in Prag XI, Schweringasse (also called Schwerinova) 1201 (the address for Hagibor), to her mother-in-law Lida. The next cover is interesting in that it is addressed from and to Prague. He has been separated from her, and is being shipped out to a forced labor camp the next day. He tells her "I'm fine. Everything is in order. Tomorrow I will find out my new address and will let you know." The next letter is in Czech, to his father, and while I can't read Czech I assume the contents are similar, since he has now arrived in his first location, The Org Todt concentration camp "Klein Stein", which is for the punishment of Jewish "Mischlinge". The next cover is from the same location, again to his father. The next cover is a parcel receipt sending money from the father to the son. The next cover is from an unknown sender in Prague to the father (included for those who can read Czech -- since it was in the collection i assume it is related). The next cover is from Bohomil to Nelli, who is still in Hagibor. But then, the next cover is from Bohomil's father Frantik (Frans) to Nelli, who has been transported to Theresienstadt. There is then a letter from her, in Theresienstadt, back to Frantik ; this letter bears the Aeltenstenrat der Juden in Prag / "Answer through the Jewish Cancel in Prague" handstamp. The next letter is from Bohomil to Nelli in Prag, since he apparently has not been informed of her removal. The next over is from Bohomil in Heydebreck, to his father. I believe Bohomil is en route to his next camp, the Org Todt Lager in Osterode im Harz, a subcamp of KL Mittelbau-Dora, since the next cover shows him there. The Osterode-Petershuette camp (aka Dachs IV) worked on excavating the mines for the V-Waffen (V1/V2) production and building barracks for the other workers/administrators. The last cover shows that Bohomil survived the war, with Czech cancel used on a BuM Hitler postal stationery after liberation on May 12, 1945. The collection leaves open what happened to Nelli, though I hope she survived. An fascinating group that shows how the Reich persecuted its own citizens, Jewish and Aryan, in pursuit of it's criminal racial policies.
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