3rd Reich Germany 1945 Prague Mixed Race HAGIBOR Camp Gestapo Cover
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Date Used :1945-01-09
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German WWII-occupied Bohemia Moravia postal card from inmate Nelli Mueller in Prag XI, Schweringasse (Czech: Schwerinova) 1201, Block 1. This address is a Gestapo office used to address mail for inmates in the Hagibor forced labor camp portion of the Jewish Ghetto in Prague. Nelli was Jewish who married Czech ethnic German man Bohomil Mueller. For this "crime" Nelli was interned in Hagibor before ultimately being deported to Theresienstadt Concentration Camp, while Bohomil was sentenced to a series of hard labor camps, ultimately ending in Osterode, Harz at an Org Todt subcamp of KL Mittelbau-Dora, working on the mines for the V1/V2 production. Censor-handstamped "Antwort nur mit Postkaren in deutsche Sprache" / "Answer only on a postcard in German language." It's actually amazing Nelli lasted this late in the war in Prague; February 1945 sees here in the concentration camp. Censored but without date stamp. The card was sent to her mother-in-law Lida in Zebrak. Note the numbered words on the reverse. At this time only 32-word responses were allowed, so each word is enumerated. Hagibor (I've read) is a Hebrew word for 'Strength', and before the war it was a Jewish youth soccer club, before becoming a place of internment.
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