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German WWII 1944 MOLCH Midget UBoot Submarine K-Verband K-Flot 415 Feldpost
Item #:90349
Franking :FP
Date Used :1944-12-11
FPN From :61107
Price :US$1599
Original Feldpost / sailor's mail from WWII Marine Kleinkampfverband Unterseeboot (K-Verband U-Boot) 5. Molch Flottille, Kampflot 415 / midget submarine with the Molch 415th Battle Fleet in Stavanger, Norway. With contents. The Molch (German for 'salamander' or 'newt') were tiny, single occupant subs (basically large torpedoes) that could be equipped with two actual torpedoes, on either side of the hull. Only 363 (or 393, sources vary) of these subs were delivered, and if they actually were able to start on their mission, most didn't return. An illustration of the sub is attached at front left. A very rare cover from a German 'Kleinverband' boat.
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