Germany WWI 1917 MSP204 U21 UBoot Submarine Feldpost Cover
Item #:90397
Franking :MSP
Date Used :1916-11-13
FPN From :204
Price :US$119
Worthersee, Austria card used as a Marineschiffspost (MSP) - Feldpost from German WWI Imperial Navy Unterseeboot / UBoot / submarine command in the Mediterranean, with Marineschiffspost MSP20 cancel. Not having their own on-board post offices, the submarines used the Untereseeboot Kommando for their mail. This is from the Unterseeboot U21. Before transferring to the Mediterranean to support the Turkish front, the U-21 became the 1st sub to sink a ship (the cruiser HMS Pathfinder) with a self-propelled torpedo. [see Wikipedia]/
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