Germany China July 14 1900 Battle of Tientsin Boxer Rebellion Astor House Hotel
Item #:87368
Date Used1900-07-14
Amazing eyewitness account of the "Battle" of Tientsin at the start of the Boxer Rebellion in China on July 14, 1900. The view of Astor House Hotel and tower. The contents: "Yesterday from this tower from 5:30AM until late mid-afternoon I observed continuous fighting. Yesterday the city could not be taken, but it happened early today and the Fort will soon follow. The danger for Tientsin is on all sides. Best Greetings, Kroebel". Franked with "China" overprinted 10pf Krone-Adler issue stamp, with Tientsin July 14, 1900 CDS and Suhl, Germany receiver. Incredible piece of history.

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