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V1 Propaganda Leaflet This is An Experiment Lets Try It
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After the V1 POW Post, probably the most well known and poular of the V1-dropped leaflets. This Flugblatter shows stacks of the German dead in Freiburg from the beginning of the war, and a quote overhead "This is an experiment -- let's try it." These are real pictures of German casualties which were blamed on the British, but in actuality appear to have been done by the Germans themselves, accidentally bombing their own city. There is a common forgery of this sheet which reproduces a fold in the original they copied from -- as a copy the forgery also is printed much more coarsely (artifacts from the copying), and also has a largish black dot in the lower right hand of the picture on the reverse. This leaflet is, of course, the original. Slightly worn, light fold at top, absolutely excellent condition for one of these.
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