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Germany WWII V1 POW Post Rocket Flown Leaflet V1/4 Flugblatter
Item #:51757
Franking :Used
Date :1945
Condition :see scan
Price :US$3699
V1 POW Post are among the rarest known rocket leaflet series; prepared by the Germans for the Allies. Only a handful known to exist. There is a great article on these V1 leaflets on the Psywarrior website. These reproduce actual letters from British POWs. The idea was that the families of the POWs would respond to these letters, giving the Germans an idea of when/where the bombs were hitting, so as to provide feedback on their accuracy. The British authorities realized this and attempted to gather and destroy them all, which is another reason for their scarcity. It wasn't known at the time whether the letters were real or not, but after enough of the original letters turned up they proved that indeed the Germans were copying real POW letters. At least one POW's family (by published report) first learned that their son survived by way of one of these V1 rocket leaflets. This piece came from a world-class V1 collection which actually had one of the original POW letters in it by way of empirical proof.
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