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German Revolution 1919 Munich Freikorps von Epp Strassenkampf Recruiting Postcard
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Patriotic postcard showing the badge of the Freikorps von Epp, Bayerischen Schutzen Brigade Nr 21 / Bavarian Rifles Brigade, part of the nascent Reichswehr. Created during the violent Strassenkampf or 'street battles' that took place between the left wing Spartakists / Communists and the center-right (Socialists, Imperialists, and Freikorps in an uneasy alliance) as both sides attempted to seize power. After early Communist victories the Socialist-Right Wing coalition (led by Friedrich Ebert) eventually won. Later, though, many of those same Freikorps soldiers turned on the Republic they helped found, yet despised, and joined the SA, where their street muscle was used by a certain Austrian corporal to propel himself into power.
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