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German 1919 Freikorps Luftschiffer AIRSHIP Grenzschutz Ost FP547 Feldpost Cover
Item #:87790
Franking :FP
Date Used :1919-09-09
FPN From :716
FPN Censor/Other :547
Price :US$409
Unruhstadt picture postcard used as a Feldpost from soldier with Luftschiffer Abteilung Nr27 with the Freikorps Grenzschutz Ost, on the front lines of the border wars (in the area of Posen and Frankfurt/Oder) in the East following the collapse of the German Empire in WWI. A bit worn, genuine usage as per scans. Datelined DFP716. Given the exact date, postcard subject, and handwritten remarks, this seems to be the card from Borlinghaus' Deutsche Feldpost 1914-1918. A scarce Luftschiffer Freikorps card.
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