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3rd Reich Germany Liquidation of Empire BARBADOS Propaganda Forgery Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
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Catalog# :9IVc-14IVc
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One of the very popular King George VI propaganda forgeries which place the Jewish Star of David on the top of the crown, and a hammer and sickle in place of the pence symbol next to the value at the bottom. A very small number of sets (400 each) were overprinted with a variety of slogans for the territories the British were going to lose. All created by forced labor from inmates in the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp as a part of Operation Wasserwelle under SS Major Bernhard Kreuger (See the or websites), or read the book "Krueger's Men" by Leonard Malkin. '18 CV EUR800++ (caUSD936) ; MNG as issued except #13, which is 'used' with the listed German-forged London AAAO 6 June 1944 cancel. The same printing numbers as the others (400 sets) but scarcer than some of the seemingly more available like St Lucia and Rabaul.
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