Germany 1919 Bodensee Zeppelin LZ120 Mi120Bc Munich Landing Cover
Item #:106142
Date Used1919-09-21
Graf Zeppelin DELAG Zeppelin view postcard flown on the Bodensee Zeppelin LZ120 airship's 1919 Berlin-Munich flight. Between 9/12 and 10/4 flights were made between Berlin and Munich -- this is on the last day of the one flight 21.9.19). With Bordpost / on-board cachet, German Reich franking marked out as unrecognized (This is Bavaria, not Germany, d**nit!) and Munich cancel in mirror transfer reverse. Extremely rare. '17 CV EUR6500. The Bodensee was sent to Italy in 1921 as reparations for WWI, where it became the "Esperia".

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