German WWI 1918 Naval Air Command Photos Belgium Yser Nieuwpoort Aerial Recon Original Views Luftaufnahme
Item #:64854
DateApril 1918
Original booklet for Marinekorps Kommandeur der Flieger / German Naval Air Command, showing the condition of the Enemy Dune Emplacements south of Nieuwpoort-Bad, Belgium. Text and numerous original air reconnaissance photos pasted in, some with red markings from actual use; the marine pilots and navigators who took the photos are listed at the beginning. The booklet measures ca 8.75x7 inches and has eight pages of summary with 16 pages of original aerial view photographs attached (some pages with two photos), many marked in red to highlight significant emplacements/artifacts. Printed "For Official use Only!" An impressive and perhaps unique piece of WWI history -- I've never seen this booklet before.

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