German WWII 1941 Serbia Anti-Semitic Expo Propaganda Postcard
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Item #:91592
Date Used1942-01-01
Ultra-rare card from the Serbian Anti-Semitic Anti-Masonic exhibition in Beograd, bearing a stamp from the Anti-Masonic series printed for the show. Meant to illustrate the supposed link between Judaism and Free Masonry which for some reason occupied the demented minds of the propagandists. Slightly worn, excellent condition with the "Antimasonic Expo" FDC special cancel. The imprint at left reverse states these were printed for the Expo in Beograd in 1941 -- the show ran from Oct 22 1941 until Jan 19, 1942. There's a good article on Wikipedia under the title "Grand Anti-Masonic Exhibition"; while it was labeled "Anti-Masonic" the real focus (as you can see from the cards) was anti-Jewish.

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