German Navy Spanish Civil War Befehlshaber der Aufklaerungsstreitkraefte Leipzig Feldpost Cover
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Item #:54464
FPN From32
Feldpost cover from Befehlshaber der Aufklaerungsstreitkraefte / Commander of the Observation Armed Forces of the 6. Spanien Verband / 6th Spanish Assembly of the German Navy, which was, at this time on board Panzerkreuzer Leipzig. With a modern copy of an original photograph of the map which was hung on the wall of the Leipzig, showing their sailings. While ostensibly on international 'non-intervention' duty to prevent foreign interests from interfering with the war, in actuality, from 1936 until 1938 the German government sent sea, land and air forces (The Condor Legion) to support Franco's Fascist Falangists (Spanish Phalanx of the Assemblies of the National Syndicalist Offensive / Falange Espanola de las Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista) in the Spanish Civil War / Spanischen Buergerkrieges. The Nazis were apparently excited to be able to try out many of their new weapons an actual war. This combat trial included the carpet bombing of Guernica, which, in addition to killing scores of people, inspired the anti-war masterpiece by Pablo Picasso.

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